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A place were you can grow wings and fly. We fly when we are able to be ourselves. When we don't feel we have to apologize for who we are, or justify our existence. We FLY when we can express fully, speak our minds, love with our hearts. When we claim our voice, when we honor our limitations, and when we bow in reverence to the great mystery of life on this earth.

Seeking therapy is a big step, and it's NOT EASY. But if you are here it means you are ready to embrace more of who you really are and want to find answers inside of you, because you are tired of looking outside. You are READY to do something different, feel something different and raise to the occasion, of being fully human. It is hard to seek help when we are struggling. We live in a culture where we are expected to take care of everything on our own and feel good all the time. If you feel you want to hide when you are struggling, you are NOT alone. If you you think you SHOULD be able to get over things alone, you are wasting your precious life force. Because we are wired to bond, support each other and grow together. 

***For sensitive folks: I love working with sensitive humans who want to feel empowered and strong in all the amazing ways in which only sensitivity allows us to.


If you are longing for FREEDOM but you feel STUCK in daily routines

If you have a hard time finding meaning, fulfillment and purpose,

If you are stuck in old habitual patterns,

BUT you KNOW deep inside that there is more to life than just work, procreate and survive 

YOU are in the right place!



  • Explore existential questions with an inquisitive and open mind

  • Appreciate and connect deeply with your purpose in this lifetime

  • Learn tools to balance your body-mind-emotional and energetic bodies

  • Learn to regulate your nervous system and commit to radical self-care

  • Identify what gets in the way of you being YOU

  • Work with inner critic perfectionistic self 

  • Find what really matters to you and be in alignment with your truth

  • Learn to form 'secure functioning' within your relationships

  • ***For sensitive folks: Learn to appreciate and understand of how to use your sensitivity as your super-power


 I offer individual therapy for individuals who value inner freedom, who want to connect with spirit but they are unsure how. With those who want to transcend and understand what is REALLY causing suffering in their lives and want to be free from these patterns. I work with individuals who are struggling navigating the world we live in, and are feeling too much pressure to be someone, and to be perfect. With individuals that find themselves exhausted, lost in pleasing other patterns, disconnected from themselves, and unable to stop being distracted by consumerism, addictions, worries and unnecessary busyness. My wish is that you find your PATH, know what is right for you, and what you want to do with this precious human life and the time you have left.   

Hello, I am Juana and I'm looking forward  to meeting you!


 I have a different focus or approach for our sessions depending on what you need. All of them are intertwined as my general approach to psychotherapy is HOLISTIC which means I am assessing what is happening for you on in all areas of experience (body-mid-spirit), and I am working towards helping you harmonize all these areas in your life; using cognitive, somatic and emotional processing interventions, yoga principles and techniques to harmonize your chakras or energy centers, as well as mindfulness and meditation based practices. All sessions are 60-minutes long, and I request that remote sessions be paid in advance through my website or PayPal account. In-person sessions can be paid after the session; and I accept check, cash and cards in addition to online payments. If you need to cancel on appointment please do it with at least 24-hour before the scheduled time in order to avoid charges. 

Image by Annie Spratt

Spiritual Alignment  

Attachment work

Trauma Therapy 


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