My Background

I am a sensitive, passionate, deeply inquisitive, a curious soul and a relentless spiritual seeker. As long as I remember I have sought to understand who inhabits this body I call 'me', where I am going and why am I here. I believe we are all here for a purpose and aligning with that has been my life's mission. In some level we all share the purpose of living a life worth living, or having meaningful relationships; or doing something meaningful in the world, expressing our highest potential, experiencing love, or union with a divine or higher power. In some way we are all on a mission, on a heroes' journey as.Joseph Campbell would say. We all have lessons we need to learn in this lifetime, and we all come with different talents, challenges and gifts. The thirst for KNOWING myself on a deep level embarked me on my career path but also unknowingly on a spiritual path. Once you are on that path there is no going back. I think I have always been a sensitive soul and have had various degrees of challenges with this going from invalidation from people around me, being labelled as 'crazy', 'too sensitive', etc; having to avoid certain people, places to pretty intense emotional breakdowns and identity crisis. I have had the blessing to integrate my career with my personal spiritual path and been able to connect with the power of my sensitivity; and that is why I have decided to focus my clinical work around working with others that feel in some capacity that their sensitivity is a problem.  

My Journey

 When I found Buddhism and found the Contemplative Psychotherapy in Colorado I applied for it as it perfectly aligned with what I wanted which was a clinical approach rooted in a spiritual tradition, that acknowledges the different forms of suffering and has at the core the cultivation of a compassionate heart. I have been in the mental health field for over 15 years in Colombia, Italy and now in the United States; and have extensive training and experience working with trauma stemming from attachment disorders that lead to relational issues, anxiety, depression, add lack of self-worth and self-esteem. Because I have also had to heal and move through various forms of trauma and attachment disruption I love doing this work in my clinical practice too.  I work with souls that need nurturing, containment, and mirroring, and that want to fly. For this reason I created UNNIDO when I was living in Colombia in 2009 and I was working as a therapist and Yoga Teacher. Un-nido means a-nest in Spanish, which represents in the psyche a nurturing holding environment. UNNIDO also alludes to union which is the essence of Yoga (Yug=union of the individual soul with divine consciousness). These are the roots of my psychotherapeutic work. 

Why Therapy is part of your Spiritual Path 

I am passionate about psychotherapeutic work because of its effectiveness in facilitating change and transformation, but also because it can be a window into experiencing different states of consciousness that deepen the way we see ourselves and the world we live in. I believe we are all here for a purpose, and that part of our human journey is about remembering our essence and uncovering the clarity and wisdom that is inherent in our natural state of mind. I believe that the longing for wholeness and freedom from suffering is at the core of our human journey, which often launches us into a spiritual path. In this path, which is also just life itself, we often find ourselves unable to live up to our ideals, and often generating suffering around our human limitations. So how do we reconcile the pure longing of our hearts, with the limitations of wrong views, mental conditioning and dysfunctional dynamics? This is where, I believe psychotherapeutic work is essential on our path toward wholeness and liberation. My passion is to guide and support others toward higher levels of functioning and actualization. You can become free from your past and 'your story,' and clear the path to experience something different. 

Butterfly Collage

My deepest longing is to achieve wellbeing and cultivate the causes of happiness, while becoming free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

And this is my wish for you too.

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