Trauma Therapy

Image by Omid Armin

Unresolved trauma can really impact the quality of our lives.

Trauma occurs when there is a real or perceived threat to our survival, on a physical, emotional and/or psychological level. Some of the symptoms associated with unresolved trauma are: persistent fear, panic attacks, chronic anxiety, states of overwhelm, reactivity, anger, memory loss, sleep disorders, eating disorders, etc. We can also suffer energetic imbalances due to trauma that can look like chronic fatigue, chronic illness, covert depression, lack of vitality, joy, and sense of purpose. Trauma alters our sense of self, how we relate with others, how we feel in the world; our choices, our lifestyle, and ability to enjoy life. 

Thankfully, we can grow a lot and become more resilient when we work through traumatic injuries as we heal energetically and reframed in the a new way what happened. Trauma work consists of supporting your body, mind and energetic system to process and integrate past emotional, physical and psychological pain in a different way. My job is to support and guide you in this journey of identifying, recognizing, naming and releasing what hurts by using somatic based interventions and helping you tap into your inner wisdom and strength in order to heal.


Our bodies and minds have tremendous capacity to heal, release and recover; and the therapeutic relationship I think, is an ideal place to work through this. You have deep wisdom and clarity, and you are fully capable of healing and transformation!

Trauma Therapy