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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

My understanding of therapy is broad and not very conventional. Therapy is not only for people who are in extreme states of mind, or crisis, and their lives are falling apart. Therapy is a space where our tender hearts get to speak and our vulnerable parts are held with, respect, love and compassion. A space where we can be ourselves without fear of being judged, attacked, criticised, etc. It is a place  where change and transformation are possible because we are truly seen, and held with great respect. We learn to see ourselves in a whole new different way, as we we examine deeply what really matters to us, and all the ways in which we are not fully aligned with our highest truth, which leads to suffering and dissatisfaction. Most humans were never taught how to deal with emotional pain, how to relate with others in healthy ways, how to tolerate distress, or accept imperfections or how to bring about balance and harmony in our body-mind system. Most people don’t know how to connect with what is sacred and really important in life. I offer a space where you get to explore what is true and important for you. Therapy is not a space to fix you, or solve problems, or getting rid of symptoms, but more about getting the support, guidance and tools that you need to live a life worth living. 

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