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Spiritual Alignment 

The work I do focuses on helping you understand that body-mind-spirit are interconnected and that you are intricately connected with nature, others, and everything that exists in this world. You are not alone and you are not separate; yet you are different and unique. We all do better when we recognize and validate the unique ways in which we are different from each other, and remember the ways in which we are all alike. We thrive when we know what we are connected to each other and we are part of the fabric of life; when we feel we belong and when we are able to recognize the power of our interconnectedness with other beings, nature, and the invisible world. 


In this kind of work you will be invited to explore the interplay of your individuality as it unfolds in the context of inter-dependent relations. If you have embarked on a "spiritual" journey you will deepen your capacity to see more clearly what is going on, and develop more compassion as you work through mental conditionings and habitual patterns that accounts for dysfunctional relationships, and emotional blocks. I will support you expanding your awareness, as you integrate all aspects of your experience, without favoring or rejecting parts of yourself. Lack of integration in the spiritual journey might look like spiritual bypassing, arrogance, feeling better than others, pride, secretly being unable or unwilling to deal with "ego" driven actions, or desires, 'negative', 'unwanted' or unconscious feelings, etc.

We will explore what your ideas are about mental health, what parts of your experience you see, and what parts are hidden, what you know about yourself in this moment, what are you telling yourself about what is happening in your life right now, or what is supposed to be happening, and what your purpose is...We will explore what is true for you, deep inside. And find ways of sharing your truth with others.... 

                                         My goal is to help you align with what is true for you!